Early Career Teachers

Be an ECT / NQT with the NASUWT: The Teachers' Union

A Big Welcome to Stockport Early Career Teachers

If you are one of the Early Career Teacher starting your teaching career in Stockport this year we invite you to join the NASUWT, the union of choice for the majority of Stockport young teachers last year. You will be joining the union offering unrivalled member services and the best advice and support, both nationally and locally. As part of its annual programme of events Stockport NASUWT has organised social events.

The NASUWT provides free membership for all Early Career Teachers / NQT members for the first term after qualification. This is followed by a further 12 months of free membership on the provision of direct debit details at the beginning of the calendar year. Newly qualified teachers also receive discounted subscriptions in the second calendar year after qualification.

You will get free membership for the year and on the provision of direct debit details and a further 50% reduction on the following year’s subscription.

A new teacher qualifying in 2022 would not pay the full subscription rate until 2025. If you are a recently qualified teacher or student in your final year who either joins the NASUWT as a full member or converts to student membership, you will benefit from the following offer:

  • FREE NASUWT membership for the calendar year in which you qualify.

  • FREE membership for the next calendar year, if you agree to make future payments by direct debit.

  • Membership for the subsequent year at 50% of the full membership rate.

Join or update your student membership by completing the enclosed application form, do it online using this link Join NASUWT or ring the membership team on 0333014550. There will be a further opportunity for you join the NASUWT at the Stockport Local Authority’s Induction Day. Members of our union will be on hand in the morning to sign you up and generally to answer any questions you may have.

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